Norway Post Logistics Division

LogIT Systems delivers value chain integration software to Norway Post Logistics Division.

ErgoGroup, Norway’s third largest ICT company, has recently signed a contract with Norway Post for the supply of a solution for value chain integration, based on the product TCMS (Transport Chain Management System) from LogIT Systems in Grimstad, Norway.

TCMS is developed for the management of intermodal transport operations where road, rail and waterborne transport are combined efficiently into competitive door-to-door transport alternatives. TCMS is used for planning the transport network (establishing a virtual transport network), shipment planning (selecting the best possible transport alternative), executing, monitoring and controlling the door-to-door transport operation. TCMS also has full tracking and tracing capabilities, satisfying the EU Regulation No 178/2002 regarding Food Traceability.

TCMS has been developed in co-operation with forest products company Stora Enso and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines (WWL), the world’s largest operator of RoRo vessels. WWL is the co-ordinator of a significant EU-funded project, D2D, by which TCMS has been further developed and utilised to demonstrate transport for John Deere from Germany to Australia, and for Volkswagen from Germany to Turkey. TCMS has also been developed in close co-operation with LauritzenCool Logistics, which is using TCMS to manage transport of fruit and other perishables from the southern to the Northern hemisphere.

LogIT Systems was established in Grimstad, Norway in 2000 by Dr. Jan Tore Pedersen, Andreas Ugland and the local science park. The target for the company was the development of systems for managing value chains that have been going on since the mid-90’s. Among the partners in the development have been the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) and BMT in Germany. MARINTEK is now one of the owners of LogIT Systems.

ErgoGroup and LogIT Systems have signed a five year co-operation agreement, and the delivery to Norway Post is the first contract resulting from this co-operation.

The co-operation with ErgoGroup and the Norway Post contract marks a significant milestone for LogIT Systems. The contract was won in competition with leading international suppliers and shows that TCMS is a competitive product regarding both price and performance. LogIT Systems has great expectations regarding future ErgoGroup co-operation.

EU’s motive for financing the development of systems like TCMS is an ambition to be able to convert the freight transport industry from road-only operations to other types of transport involving rail and water. The goal is more environmentally-friendly freight transport and a reduction in human costs resulting from road transport (40,000 dead per year on European roads and 7,500 km congestion every day).