TCMS Sea in operation

Customer IverShips in operation with TCMS Sea

The IverShips TCMS Sea system is now ready for operation.

All information in the TCMS Sea system is available for all relevant parties within the IverShips group. When information is entered or updated, it is instantly available for all authorized personnel. For example, progress information entered by staff in Norway, is available to IverShips staff in Singapore at the instant.

Also, customized information is instantly available for their partners through the defined PartnerSites, enabling partners to monitor all shipments, available capacity and progress at any time.

The ultimate success of a firm depends on its ability to integrate and coordinate the network of business relationships among the transport chain members; customers, agents, vessels and other transport chain parties.

By using TCMS Sea, IverShips has recognized their need to think of logistics in a bigger sense, taking the consequence of quality and communication requirements. TCMS Sea enables IverShips to interconnect their transport chain members’ IT-systems, and also offer transparency and distribute information to all relevant parties in an efficient manner.